Stacey would go into work around six in the morning, and it was not unusual for her to stay till eight at night. She was a dedicated worker, barely making more then minimum wage. I found out that her promotion to manager, only gave her a one dollar and ten cent raise, with about three thousand new responsibilities. I could never understand why she worked so hard for this company, the owner of the company would never know she even existed, and moving up to something substantial was not going to happen. I would once in awhile talk to her about the job, trying to figure out if she truly loved working there, she would tell me about all the bills she had to pay, and that she really didn’t have a choice.

Stacey had three children from three different men, and none of them paid child support. I asked her why she didn’t collect money from them, and she told me that the three of them together couldn’t afford a pot to piss in. I left the conversation at that. I would eventually find out that Stacy followed the footsteps of her mother. Stacey never knew her real father, only the string of men her mother brought home in hopes of finding real love, or attention. I could see the hurt behind her eyes, I guess some of them were abusive. I could tell her self-esteem never had a chance, and that for her circumstances, she was doing well in life.

Sometimes I forget where people come from, and how much pain they endured. I have things that Stacey never had, a strong support system from my parents, and resources. After hearing Stacey’s story, it made me angry. I wish that there was a place where she could go, a place that would grant her a strong support system. A place where if people are hurting, the bills would be put on a freeze, and we got the love and help we needed to rebuild our lives.

Of course, the bills would never freeze in the current economic sink or swim structure our society built.

I am happy I listened to her story, she may not know it, but she is one of my personal hero’s, because of what she went through and the sacrifices she made for her daughters. She is working hard because she doesn’t want them to go down the same path she did. She decided to stay single after her last child was born, because she didn’t want to take a chance of them being abused.

Her oldest daughter is graduating high school, and is applying to the University of Michigan. She has a good chance of getting in, she has good grades and plays varsity volleyball. I see the sparkle in her eyes when she talks about her kids, I can tell they are what run through her mind when she is working her fourteen hour days at the job.

I am happy I got to know her, and that I could listen to her story. It gave me a new appreciation for my life.

When I do see her, I will bring up her children, because I like seeing her happy. And when you work with happy people, it makes the day so much better.

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