Why Confidence is more powerful than degrees

degree - Why Confidence is more powerful than degrees

The beautiful energy when everything comes together I can only now imagine that energy.  When all the cogs of life, turn in complete unison, giving you that inevitable success, that power.  When your mind, body and soul are united in one front, you feel invincible.  People, who have achieved such amazing success, talk about the thousands of hours that are put into their craft, before the magic happens.  And it is magic.

I had a powerful drive, a strong motivation to get things done.  I realized though, that sometimes my motivation got me into more trouble, then helped me out.  Many things I did in life did not pan out, and it has caused me immense frustration.  I remember when I received my personal training certificate through the NSCA-CPT.  I studied day and night to obtain that accreditation, and I was immensely proud of myself when I got it.  I was working at the YMCA at the time, worked as a personal trainer, that is the reason I got certified.  I thought for sure clients would be coming through the door, and not only would I be training people, but I would be making a decent living as well.

Nothing happened.  I started with zero clients, and ended up with zero clients.  What happened?  I talked to people in the gym, I had an incredible amount of knowledge about working out, I could genuinely help people.  I have to admit, that was not the most frustrating aspect of the adventure though, the more frustrating thing was seeing one personal trainer, who was not even certified at the time, who had tons of clients.  People were lining up to see him.  I just could not understand it.   My frustration, as strong as it was, was not as powerful as my curiosity.  There were a couple of things I noticed about my colleague, that opened my eyes on to why he was so successful.


  1. Confidence speaks louder then degrees. I noticed when I talked to people, I did not talk with confidence, I always second guessed my procedures.  I told people I was newly certified, yet I was excited to work with them.    My colleague, he loved working out, and he was CONFIDENT on what he was doing, and it showed.  He never second guessed himself, and people could read that from him.  From watching him, I realized that confidence is the name of the game.  If you BELIEVE in yourself, you will be successful.  You can have as many degrees as you want, but without confidence, they are just 20,000 dollar pieces of framed paper on your wall.
  2. Being social. He was a friendly guy, much friendlier then me.  When I went out to talk to people on the gym floor, or in public, I felt like it was job.  I dreaded it, I felt uncomfortable talking to people about their workouts.  My colleague on the other hand, he loved it!  It was not just talking to people about working out,  he genuinely had fun conversing.  He would talk about their lives and all kinds of things.  He was engaged with them.  Sometimes working out did not even come up in the conversation, but I would realize later, a lot of these people would become clients.  HE MADE PEOPLE FEEL IMPORTANT.  Not only that, he was best friends with our boss, which I am sure helped out a lot.  I used to get upset with that, thought he was being a “suck up”, but that mind frame, was terrible.  He was friends with the boss because he was friendly with everyone, even me! He sincerely liked people.


So, the moral of the story, and what I painfully learned, is that CONFIDENCE is more important than DEGREES.  My colleague new his stuff, and he knows he knew his stuff.

I have seen time after time, people, without degrees, who were wildly successful.  They had those two magical ingredients, confidence and friendliness.

If you want something, go out there and get it.  If you do not have the confidence, FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT.  It is possible.

Please write back, let me hear your thoughts!  Have a wonderful day

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