When is enough, enough?

enough - When is enough, enough?


For some people it is never enough, they have an insatiable appetite and must have it all.  The mind frame for many, when it comes to success, is how much one has, not who one is.  I wonder how such a mind frame came to be, and I observe the internal and external devastation such a mind-frame caused.


Unlimited appetites, with limited resources.  Our society loves putting the success (and failures) of others in our face.  I go onto the internet, and articles automatically pop up, telling me about the nicest mansions in the world, or the deals certain athletes or celebrities have made.  Deals with money amounts so high, even with my intense imagination, could I envision having so much dough.  It makes me wonder, are they trying to make me feel insecure, or inadequate?  If I do fall for the ‘American Dream’ and I keep seeing articles like that, it is instant disappointment in myself, because of course I’m going to compare myself, it is human nature.

And if all they do is compare us to people with wealth of such magnitude, to people with the resources of small country, then undoubtedly, we are not going to feel good.

I cannot help but imagine, if people were content with what they had, instead of trying to ‘have it all’ like greedy little squirrels, society would be much better.  More resources for all, and more peace, both outwardly and within for ourselves.  The problem with greed (and when I talk about greed, I am talking about those who horde resource, not those who use their reserve for good.) is that it is never enough.  Just like an addiction, certain people will never be satisfied, and would sell their own mother for more, more, more.

I can write forever about the psychology of greed, and what it has done to our world, but for now, I am just going to write about being appreciative for what we have.  It really is just a mind frame, in how we look at things.  I believe personal growth, and wanting a better life is of the up-most importance.  But we have to ask ourselves, why do we want more?  Why do I want such wealth?  What am I going to do with my wealth?

I used to never be satisfied with what I had, once I got something I wanted, I wanted more. Wanting more is looking into the future, just that feeling of ‘wanting’ created anxiety.  I instead started looking at the present moment, and would ask myself what do I have right now that I am appreciative of?  Do I have food? Shelter?  People who love me?  As soon as I started thinking about those things, I would immediately start feeling better.

What I learned the hard way is that fear and anxiety live in the future and past, peace lives in the present.  Appreciation lives in the now.

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