Trees and the mind




“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.” ― Eckhart Tolle


Building a website, going back for a masters, working a job, it has all been so overwhelming that I have realized that I am not enjoying the process very much. I feel that no matter how much work I put in, mountains of other work needs to get done, and then I comprehend that what I am trying to do, will never be done. In times like this, I remember people like Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, two incredible leaders in progressive thinking, and I think about what they would tell me in situations like this. I have to remember to stop thinking about the future so much, because the future does not exist. If I am always thinking about the future, thinking about what I have to accomplish, I will never just enjoy the moment. Because in reality, that is all we have. I have found out it is wonderful to have goals and dreams, and that we should absolutely work toward our goals and dreams, but you have to enjoy the present process of it.

I have appreciated the fact that I am not able to willingly turn off my thoughts, and that I am constantly either in regret (past) or thinking about the future (anxiety). When I am not in the present, when I am not focused on the present moment, I feel the energies within my body not being able to move, I guess in a way they have become stagnate.

The best ideas I have ever had, did not come to me from continuous thinking, but instead, they came to me from moments of peace. I remember when I was taking a walk, looking at the shadows from the trees, and listening to the wind dance through the leaves. My mind was quite, and my soul felt warm, that is when the best ideas bubble up from my awareness. I believe that ideas sometimes come from outside of us, and can flow within us from the energy that connects us all. It is through peace, that we heal, that we become the best person we can be.

So how can one stop the obsessive thoughts of the past and future from bombarding them? The solution, I found, is sort of a riddle. It is simultaneously the easiest and hardest thing to do.   For example, just letting your eyes focus on an object and go lazy, then paying attention to your breath will put you in a state of meditation, and with practice, your thoughts will begin to slow down and eventually stop. When they do stop, even if it is for 5 seconds at a time, the energies of the universe will begin to flow through you. And the more you do it, the more peace you will have in your life.

Someone once told me that you can relate your life to a lake. If someone does not have a strong, peaceful core within them, their lake is going to be shallow, and when a storm comes their life is going to be rough. Someone who has a strong peaceful core has a very deep lake, and when a storm comes, only the surface is turbulent, but down below, the water of the lake is still. The point of the metaphor is that, if you work on making the mind remain still for long enough, eventually, nothing that happens to you in the outside world is going to matter.

Do I really believe this is possible? I unquestionably do. Do I believe it is easy to go on with life and go back to my old ways of conditioning and thinking? Yes, and that is why I am feeling so very overwhelmed again, because I have not been practicing what I know works so well. So after I post this, I am going to go meditate on the trees, and still my mind, so I can make my lake ever so deep.



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