Therapists, not politicians, should run government

politicians - Therapists, not politicians, should run government

I wish therapist and counselors were politicians, instead of politicians.  The quest for power has always attracted the worst kinds of people, or at least has brought out the traits that have the capacity to cause a lot of damage to the people they are governing.  There are a couple of things I have noticed that seems to be a commonality amongst politicians:


  1. Cognitive dissonance.  This phenomenon is something that effects not just politicians but all of us.  According to the online dictionary, it is, “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”  What this means, is that once a decision is made, you stick to it, because you want to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of perhaps you made the wrong choice.  It is one reason why people will stay in a relationship that is toxic, way past the due date, because admitting that your thoughts could have been wrong, is a very uncomfortable idea indeed.   Cognitive dissonance in politics, has the potential to destroy us all.  For example, many politicians do not believe global warming is real, or at least it is not created by humans.  Therefore, they will block policies to try to reduce carbon emissions.  Admitting they are wrong, would be too painful, especially if the ego is enlarged in that certain individual.  So, someone who avoids cognitive dissonance with vigor, is going to only accept evidence of theories that only accept their viewpoint, and nothing else.  So you can present the best evidence to this person, and their mind will block it, they will only accept it if it conforms to their ideology.

A therapists job, is to keep an open mind, and accept the ideas of others.  If a therapist is presented with a viewpoint that was different then their own, they would listen to the evidence, and not reject the idea because they are aware of cognitive dissonance.


  1. The law of reciprocation. This one is simple, and dangerous.  The corporations (or people) who give me the most money, are the people I work for.  We are under the myth that government works for the people, it works for whoever put them into power.  So if the “grandma cookie corporation” put me into office, I will forever be working for the “grandma cookie corporation.   The downside of this of course, is that, what is usually good for the corporation, is not good for you or I.  Because of the law of reciprocation, these companies can invest millions into a politician, and get billions back in returns.  Not a bad investment.  The only problem is, it has the potential to destroy the environment, and a good living wage for anyone working for grandma, and tons of other things.  Not even a therapist is immune to this, nobody is.  If we were to get rid of this phenomenon, we would have to change the laws of our country, where people are not allowed to give unlimited donations in secret.  The larger the sums of donations given, the larger the law.


  1. Group think.  According to the online dictionary it is, “the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.”  In a nutshell, you are going to vote on things, that your party votes on, no matter how terrible the bill may be.  You do not want to go against your party.  Going against the group, could be political suicide.  Unfortunately, that is the system we are in.  I could write a thousand-page book on the subject of group think, it is the reason why the two-party system we have is split.  Republicans will vote unanimously for one thing, while every democrat will vote against it.  It is sad to watch, it is pathetic and it is one of the cogs that is delaying true creativity and change.


A therapist or counselor would encourage creativity, would get out of the realm of  group think.   Ideas would be presented, and talked about.  These dangerous games that are being played in politics, the rules they create, that are hurting so many of us, it is something that has got to stop.  The only way it is going to stop is if people start educating themselves on the people who are representing them.  To look beyond the nefarious rhetoric, and to see who the individual really is.  The irony of the politician is, they need your vote, so they are not going to tell you the truth.  If they are going to work for the rich, they are not going to tell you that, it is up to us to get to the truth.  We must work hard at not  only changing the politicians, but the way the system is ran as well.  Things get passed, under the radar, all the time, and it is the little things that can sink the boat.

Anyway, those are my thoughts of the day.  Please respond! Have a wonderful existence.

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  1. I appreciate and applaude today’s blog.

    There are a lot of negative things about politicians but we also have to remember that almost every single one of them are trained in the law. Lawyers are supposed to know the laws of our country better than anyone. Unfortunately, it seems that when the lawyers became politicians their ethics don’t really change (help my clients, “the people who paid me). The law of reciprocation.

    The originals I think had the best idea. Politicians are public servants. They would be elected into a representative democracy to actually represent their constituents not businesses who pay them. In fact, there was no salary paid to politicians in the service of our people/government.

    Today, that’s not very realistic because of all we ask of our officials. Those positions can now be described as a profession even though they weren’t originally (that is why there are elections every 2 years for the 2, 4 and 6 year terms of service). No politician was supposed to make a career out of working for the people because the originals designed the system to be able to get fresh eyes and fresh blood in the government. That isn’t happening. One of the reasons is because the people, the voters, are vocal about things they dislike about what the government is doing to them but then don’t take steps to really change it (not every person, obviously). The majority of people vote for the status quo just like group think and cognitive dissonance. The fear the change. One of the main reasons we now have a president who is not a politician, in the true sense of the word, is because he’s not a lawyer or career politician. He is the country shooting, “We want a change!” He also doesn’t know the rules of order and etiquette that are used in our other branches of government) which is causing problems. And this is all, not to mention, a factor with his inflated ego.

    As for therapists being elected to office instead of career politicians, it’s an interesting thought. Do they know more about what is good for people as a whole? Would they be able to come to a single, agreeing (or majority) law to get things done for the people? Not all therapists subscribe to the same school of thought. I’m not saying that therapists would not be able to run our government but would they be able to change so many things our government is now to make it better for its citizens? I’m playing devil’s advocate here but the questions remain. How many therapists know the law as well as they know their own profession? I have met a handful of people who are experts in their own field and also have their J.D. It’s just not a realistic vision. I love the idea! But when you sit down and really think about it how feasible is it?

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