The bear


The Bear….

He wanted to mate, but lost the fight

Would have to be alone tonight

Blood dripped from his wounds, so deep

A low bellow of pain from his muzzle would seep

He saw the skies turning cold and dark

As he cleaned his back on the rough tree bark

The tree shook with his grizzly bear weight

Although his body skinny and the year late

Hibernation was coming quick

He had to sit down so wounds he could lick


The moon shining bright

Casting shadows in the black night

Breathing heavy his eyes would close

Feeling the cold night numb his nose


Body feeling heavy in the morning

Woken up by his own painful snoring

Snow covered his body from head to toe

He knew if he was to live he had to go

Never felt so weak before

Had never been so sore

Tummy moaning with a low grumble

He tried to get up, only to stumble

He decided to stay by the tree

Decided rest it what he would need


Before his eyes closed forever he saw his brother

And when his eyes closed he felt the warmth of his mother

And a smile creeped across his face

And decided he never wanted to leave this place…..


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