How to achieve greatness

love your body - How to achieve greatness


There are three things that keep us from fulfilling our dreams, according to Les Brown:

  1. Fear
  2. Lack of vision
  3. Low self-esteem

There is a reason why people who make their dreams come true are considered outliers.  The reason is, because it is actually an incredibly complicated situation.  Or at least, I used to think it was.  I used to feel that you have to have the exact combination of luck and hard-work.  I have seen a lot of people with powerful motivation, work their butt off, and go broke.  I have also seen people, who have put in very little work, and literally strike gold on the first try.  It is truly frustrating if one is inclined to think about it. I think to myself, why even try?  I feel people not only need the right kind of external help, like a powerful support system,  but also need powerful internal help, like good working neurons that can supply you with healthy motivation.  I felt that our body was hard-wired, we either had good genetics or bad, and that there was not much changing the situation.  I used to feel that luck just happened, it either happened or it did not, and that we had little control over the condition.  And if we were going to change the internal or external, it was going to take an act of god, or years and years of hard work and dedication in trying to convert myself into a dream making machine.

Well, that was my old school of thinking.  Les Brown said something that changed my paradigm, that changed the way I thought about success, and who truly achieves it.  It really boils down to how we talk to ourselves.  How we talk to ourselves is the root of happiness.  We literally have to become our own best-friends.

I used to be very negative towards my body, I also got upset with it when I got sick, or depressed. I Used to treat my body like an outdated machine that would inevitably break down.  I was mad to think that, with all that negative self-talk, I was going to somehow produce greatness. The body listens to you, what you tell it, is what it produces.  I guess it never really sank in until I felt the tightness in my chest increase, every time I said something damaging about myself.  So, one day, when I was not feeling good, I said to my body, you are my best friend and I love you, what can I do to make you feel better?  The tightness in my chest ceased, and instead I felt a warm feeling, the same kind of feeling I get when someone compliments me.  My body heard me in that moment, and I started feeling better almost immediately.

Today, I refuse to say anything bad about myself, about my mind, body or spirit.  I tell myself how beautiful I am, and how beautiful the world is.  I look for appreciation in everything, and see the goodness in people. It is not easy to do, my mind itches to go back to the old self, where I watched negative news and said terrible things about myself.  But I have to remember, it took me years of conditioning to create the negative self, so it is going to take a while to re-program my mind and spirit.

I want you to try it for a week.  I want you to talk to your body, like it is the most precious thing in the world.  Like it your best-friend who you cherish. Just try it for a week, and I guarantee you will feel better, feel wonderful.  If you love your body, your body will love you back. It really is the best employee you will ever have, and it wants to work with you, it wants you to be healthy and strong.  Your body and mind wants you to be successful and powerful.  Let it do its job.  Be your own best friend.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and please respond.  I would love to hear your thoughts.