Money, romance and health

money romance health - Money, romance and health


Everyone wants the good life, money, romance and health.  We all want to feel important, and feel as though our life has meaning.  It does not seem it should be hard to do, with so many resources at our disposal.  The reality is though, is that most people are not content with their lives, in fact, many are downright miserable, and I was one of them.

For years, while I was chasing the dream of importance, I realized that I was not happy at all.  something was terribly off.  I was working well over full time hours at my job that, trying to increase my wealth, and it was making me miserable.  Every day I would wake up, go to work, come home exhausted, just to wake up and do the same thing.  At work, I would try to make friends, and when I got home I would take a small walk, to keep up with my exercise.  It seemed the American dream of having it all was not coming anytime soon.  I started wondering to myself, what is this dream I’m chasing?  I am literally selling my life, for a paycheck, so I can buy things that I really do not even need.  What was I doing with my existence?  I was not feeling important at all, instead I was feeling like a small ant amongst the millions of others, doing mindless work.  When I listened to rock music, on the car ride back to my place, I would think about the musicians, and how envious I was of them for living the life the way they wanted.   I felt ashamed for being envious, but I couldn’t help it.  I had my own talents, I played piano, and did stand-up comedy, but it never took off.   I have a friend though, who is a well-known comic, and I had him over to my place, and I tried to live vicariously through his stories.  The funny things was, he was not happy either.  He did not like being on the road , and he missed his family.  He did love being a stand-up comedian, because it is a lot like therapy, but it was beginning to be too much.  He then divulged to me, that being a stand-up comedian was nice, but he still felt he was missing something, he wanted something deeper.


So what was the solution?  Why were we not happy?  I had a job I worked hard at, that I thought would give me satisfaction, and my friend was more or less living the dream, doing something that he thought he would love.  I then realized what the problem was, we were both so busy, we had not time to enjoy the fruits of our labors, and our health was suffering.


I feel working hard is important, that putting in the hours, and doing what you love (for many people) is the key to happiness and satisfaction.  But life is a balance, and when that balance gets out of whack, bad things begin to happen.  Let’s face it, we are not meant to work endless hours, all year long.  We are not designed to wake up, be yanked out of sleep by a loud alarm clock, get in a car, fight traffic, and work endless hours.  It is important that we make a living, that we have a roof over our heads, and food on the table, and if you have children, then you probably feel you have no choice.  But you do have a choice.  We all have a choice.


I decided to cut my hours, IN HALF.  I decided to enjoy my life.  I decided to put some coinage into my health and relationships.  I made a choice to start doing things that I was really passionate in, like playing more music and creating a blog post.  To start studying and go back to school.   I decided that resting when I was tired, was important, not a waste of time.  I started investing in meditation, yoga and self-hypnosis.  I started getting rid of material STUFF that was cluttering up my life, and the emptier my place became, the more peace I begin to feel.


I stopped living America’s dream, and started living my own dream.


Life is short, why wait to retire to live a relaxing/productive life?  I realized I am more productive when I am relaxed, not rushing.


What I have done has helped me, I bet it will help you too…


Have a great day.


Everyone needs some extra help, someone to listen to them, to help them achieve their goals and feel better.  I have been a life coach, and personal trainer for years and  am currently getting my masters/PhD in counseling and therapy.  Please feel free to call me if you would like to talk about the possibility of having a life coach.  Just dial 517-898-7574

I don’t understand



There have always been things I did not understand about our culture. We have more people then ever, yet we are lonelier then ever. How did that happen? Why do we have such separation between us and our neighbors? When I was a child, we used to have huge neighborhood picnics, everyone talked about it, and looked forward to it. We had the firetrucks come, and a clown came to paint our faces. Everyone brought food, and had a fabulous time. I found out, that some years back, the neighborhood picnic had been canceled, because nobody was attending anymore. There are just as many people in the neighborhood, it’s just, nobody has time. What are they filling their time with? I don’t understand.

The second thing I have never understood, is why getting sick is the number one reason people end up in bankruptcy. How as a nation, we can accept that, speaks volumes to me. It is frightening, we act like sickness or serious injury is something someone bought, like a boat, so they should be responsible for the bills. How did it come to this? Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars for help? I have no problem paying a little extra if my neighbor gets sick, because I would want him to help me if I ever got sick. We are social creatures, and going bankrupt while hurt, is no different then kicking someone when they are down. I know people, deep down, care for each other, I just don’t know how this system turned so cold.

Which brings me to the third thing I don’t understand. As a nation, the majority of us want universal health care, but for some reason, it is not passed. How our are leaders not doing what the majority of people want? The majority of people also don’t want college to be so ridiculously expensive, because we know an educated nation is important, yet somehow, college prices rise year after year after year. What is going on? How is the majority ignored? Why do millions of dollars have a louder voice then the millions of people?

Which brings me to point number four, why is it we have such poor choices for our leaders? We have the choice of Clinton again, or a narcissistic billionaire. Why do we make it such an impossible thing for a well educated middle class person to have a chance of being president, or anyone for that matter? How did it come to this? Why as a nation do we put up with it? I don’t understand.
I do understand that deep down people are good, and that the human race has evolved. But I would love desperately for someone to help me answer these questions, because I am deeply curious for answers.
Please respond, I want to learn from you. Have wonderful day!
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