Money, romance and health

money romance health - Money, romance and health


Everyone wants the good life, money, romance and health.  We all want to feel important, and feel as though our life has meaning.  It does not seem it should be hard to do, with so many resources at our disposal.  The reality is though, is that most people are not content with their lives, in fact, many are downright miserable, and I was one of them.

For years, while I was chasing the dream of importance, I realized that I was not happy at all.  something was terribly off.  I was working well over full time hours at my job that, trying to increase my wealth, and it was making me miserable.  Every day I would wake up, go to work, come home exhausted, just to wake up and do the same thing.  At work, I would try to make friends, and when I got home I would take a small walk, to keep up with my exercise.  It seemed the American dream of having it all was not coming anytime soon.  I started wondering to myself, what is this dream I’m chasing?  I am literally selling my life, for a paycheck, so I can buy things that I really do not even need.  What was I doing with my existence?  I was not feeling important at all, instead I was feeling like a small ant amongst the millions of others, doing mindless work.  When I listened to rock music, on the car ride back to my place, I would think about the musicians, and how envious I was of them for living the life the way they wanted.   I felt ashamed for being envious, but I couldn’t help it.  I had my own talents, I played piano, and did stand-up comedy, but it never took off.   I have a friend though, who is a well-known comic, and I had him over to my place, and I tried to live vicariously through his stories.  The funny things was, he was not happy either.  He did not like being on the road , and he missed his family.  He did love being a stand-up comedian, because it is a lot like therapy, but it was beginning to be too much.  He then divulged to me, that being a stand-up comedian was nice, but he still felt he was missing something, he wanted something deeper.


So what was the solution?  Why were we not happy?  I had a job I worked hard at, that I thought would give me satisfaction, and my friend was more or less living the dream, doing something that he thought he would love.  I then realized what the problem was, we were both so busy, we had not time to enjoy the fruits of our labors, and our health was suffering.


I feel working hard is important, that putting in the hours, and doing what you love (for many people) is the key to happiness and satisfaction.  But life is a balance, and when that balance gets out of whack, bad things begin to happen.  Let’s face it, we are not meant to work endless hours, all year long.  We are not designed to wake up, be yanked out of sleep by a loud alarm clock, get in a car, fight traffic, and work endless hours.  It is important that we make a living, that we have a roof over our heads, and food on the table, and if you have children, then you probably feel you have no choice.  But you do have a choice.  We all have a choice.


I decided to cut my hours, IN HALF.  I decided to enjoy my life.  I decided to put some coinage into my health and relationships.  I made a choice to start doing things that I was really passionate in, like playing more music and creating a blog post.  To start studying and go back to school.   I decided that resting when I was tired, was important, not a waste of time.  I started investing in meditation, yoga and self-hypnosis.  I started getting rid of material STUFF that was cluttering up my life, and the emptier my place became, the more peace I begin to feel.


I stopped living America’s dream, and started living my own dream.


Life is short, why wait to retire to live a relaxing/productive life?  I realized I am more productive when I am relaxed, not rushing.


What I have done has helped me, I bet it will help you too…


Have a great day.


Everyone needs some extra help, someone to listen to them, to help them achieve their goals and feel better.  I have been a life coach, and personal trainer for years and  am currently getting my masters/PhD in counseling and therapy.  Please feel free to call me if you would like to talk about the possibility of having a life coach.  Just dial 517-898-7574

Western medicine



The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~


I don’t think I can put my finger exactly on when remission occurred, because from that moment on, I left Western medicine and never looked back. I practiced every day for ten to twelve hours a day – spiritual studies, meditation, pranayama, yoga postures, Ayurvedic studies, deep, deep, powerful cleansings and fasting.


The problem with the western medical system today, is that it treats our body like a common machine, when in fact it is so much more. They might as well call our doctors body mechanics. “Hmmm, let me look under the hood here, yep, looks like I need to replace your liver and heart. Your pancreas is going to need some more insulin oil and your exhaust system is going to have to have an overhaul. Let me prescribe you a couple hundred quick fix pills, and take your first born and house as payment. If your body vehicle turns out to be totaled, would you like to sell the parts to our shop? Will give you twenty dollars off your one hundred million dollar bill.”

It is a system that causes mass frustration. It ignores the entire realm of spirituality, and a lot of common sense.

My experiences with doctors have not always been the best. They look at my chart, and then prescribe pills, with very minimal communication. If my cholesterol was high, it was a quick fix pill, not a discussion on exercise or better eating. If I go to the doctor for depression, again, a quick pill to take care of the anxiety. No discussion on other factors that might be going on. My body is treated like a car, nothing more, just a machine that will inevitably wear out and die. No wonder people are feeling terrible, if that is what they believe they are.

It is a mystery to me, how the western medical society became what it is.   Hospitals have turned into giant body shops, where people go in, get their repairs, and then go out.  They don’t focus on prevention, or what truly caused the disease in the first place.

There is a huge variety of amazing techniques that have existed for thousands of years, and have healed millions of people, and it is not being utilized in the United States.   For example, the one thing that has helped me more than any pill is meditation. And I have never been prescribed meditation.

My point is, western medicine ignores the spiritual side of us, which is a real thing. Being (spirituality) is not just an imaginary thing that makes us feel better. It is the life energy that sustains us, connects us with the universe. And if the flow of energy in our body is broken, because of worry, or fear, or chronic anxiety, then health problems will ensue.

There are many ways to free up the energy in our body. It is unfortunate though, that many people do not understand this part of existence, and how important it is.

Things are beginning to change though. For example, I have heard that some doctors are actually beginning to subscribe meditation to their patients, just because of the amazing empirical evidence of how much it helps the body. Meditation has proven better in lowering blood pressure than medications.

My point is, we must take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves on being. We must understand that doctors are not gods, and that they are following a very narrow theoretical approach to medicine, and healing. We must understand that the western medical society is influenced hugely by the pharmaceutical corporations, and lawyers. With that in mind, we must understand, their diagnosis, and treatment may not be the best. It is important to keep an open mind. Bring an advocate with you when you get checked out, and ask plenty of questions. Do research into other forms of treatment, look at all the things in your life, from your diet, your environment, too your personal relationships. You must trust in yourself, and understand that you know what is best for you. You are an expert on yourself, and must learn to trust your body and yourself.

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