Are you working a nightmare job?

nightmare - Are you working a nightmare job?

Nightmare job….

I once worked a job where (I felt) the stress was tremendous, with little flexibility amongst my managers, and poor training.  I was sad, because I went to school for the job I held, and worked hard.  I was a general ultrasound technician.  I could scan anything from the head to the toes, with a specialty in abdominal.  I trained in a hospital, out in Grand-Rapids.  I felt I had the job down, until I started working at other hospitals.  The hospitals I worked at, did not work with same machines that I trained on, and had different protocols for different procedures.  I was frustrated with myself, because I saw other people who worked there, and they seemed to be doing a good, I begin to question my abilities. I began to question myself.

I would wake up, dreading having to go into work in the morning.  I did not want to feel the pressure of the job.  My body physically hurt from the stress.  I had to stop the job because my coping mechanisms were failing, and the stress was beginning to eat me alive.  I could actually feel the pressure consuming my body.

It still makes me sad to this day, thinking about it.  I wish I was a little smarter about the situation, and chosen more wisely.  The pain taught me a lesson though.  I learned to be more assertive, and to take my time when deciding to do a career.  I learned to let go of the past (mostly) and become solution focused.

I always wondered though, when looking into the earlier, why did I not try to answer the questions about what I really wanted.  Why was I working jobs that did not satisfy me internally or externally?

I do not remember ever being counseled in high school, or college for helping  decide with a career choice.  I am sure the opportunities were present, I feel perhaps my current mind frame was not.  I had a certain stubbornness about me, that when I did choose a career, I just went full steam ahead.  I always felt I was under a time crunch, and the illusion of a time crunch had taken a toll.  I felt I could not take the break I needed to find out exactly what I wanted to do.  Even when I write this, I can see the colossal inaccuracies in my way of thinking.  I would have saved years of time, if I just would have answered the basic question of “who I was.”

After my frustration had hit a peak, I did decide to find out who I was.  It was through the book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins; did I find out exactly what I wanted to do.   The chapter was called Limitation disengage and it asked the questions I needed to answer.  For example, what were my beliefs and values?  Through hours of journaling, and other exercises, I found out who I was and what I wanted.  Most importantly, I found out how I wanted to serve society.

I dare you to read the chapter in the book, and to do the exercises.  It was one of the largest eye-openers in my life.  Just click on the link provided, and it will take you right there.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

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