Save your relationship and career

BOSS - Save your relationship and careerSomeone once said, “never go to bed angry, stay up and fight.”  Those type of words can really get someone in trouble.

Communication is one of those things, that is more of an art, then just a simple action.  Before I communicate something big, like telling my boss off, I realized I need to start asking myself a couple of questions first.  First, before I go on this endeavor, am I in the right state of mind?  Because if the answer is no, then proceeding on my quest for office place justice, might not be the smartest move.

Life can drastically feel different if you have had a bad night’s sleep, have not gotten proper nutrition (this includes proper hydration) and have not had a little bit of exercise.  Life really is about the essentials, but it is the essentials we forgot about the most.
The problem about saying something to someone, is that once it is said, it can never be unsaid.  And once said, it can plant the seeds destruction in your job or relationship.  The wrong words said, can cause tremendous heartache, and sometimes violence, (hence, saying something stupid to someone stupid.)

So, the first step is recognizing that your mind is not functioning at full capacity.  The second step, is to bring your mind back to homeostasis.  Once your mind is back to homeostasis, it is time to take action.

I hope this article helps, please watch the video below for the simplistic version of what I have to say!


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