Old age and New thoughts


Life seems to get harder, as I get older.  Things that used to be simple, are not so simple anymore.  For example, losing weight.  I used to be able to shed weight off my body very easily, a pound a day if I was motivated, lately though, it seems no matter what I try, the weight just holds on like some sort of magical force.  Sometimes I even have to ask myself why I need to lose weight anyway, I forget that we live in a culture that is highly concentrated on the youth, and bodies that are almost impossible to attain.  I notice it is the norm in our culture to fight old age, like it is our enemy, instead of embracing it.  In fact, I have even noticed some people call old age a disease, if that is the case, then I guess every creature that has ever been born, every cell in fact, is diseased.  I have decided that I do not like that mindset, I find it very un-empowering.  There is a million ways to think about any situation, and no one can tell you which way to think is correct because it is all subjective.  If I say a music group is awesome, and someone else says they suck, we are both right.  So I am going to put on my reframing hat and decide that growing older is awesome, and that the advantages outweigh the negatives.   I am going to decide that I look better as I grow older, because it makes me feel good.  I am also going to decide that I am going to stop listening to the media so much, and all the ads that tell me in an indirect way that having wrinkles and losing my hair is ugly.  And I have decided that my health is related to more how I feel, instead of just how I look.  Even when I write this, I feel more confident, more self-ensured. In fact, I am going to stop calling it getting older, and instead I am going to call it being strong and surviving.  And that is being beautiful.  I have also decided I do not anyone’s permission to change my mindset, to make sure what I am thinking is correct, because I have chosen to listen to my gut, and my gut already agrees with everything I say.
So let’s go out there and do what makes us feel good.  Better yet, let’s go out there and think what makes us feel good.  Not just good thoughts, but good thoughts tailored just for us.   Let’s make getting older the new youth, because we do have a choice to think however we wish.  For a very long time, I never even knew that choice existed, thought I was a prisoner to the train of suggestions that went through my mind everyday.  And that is what happened to me, because that is what I believed, so one day I chose that, no, I am the creator of my thoughts, and that is exactly what is happening for me.

So I want to listen to what you think about the subject, please write back your thoughts.  Have a great day…..Coach Tony.

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