Oceans of content


So many lives I see, such beauty in them, traveling the worlds, making it look easy. Just a little bit of elbow grease and a solid target and then you strike gold. Mind spinning, wondering, where is the prize. Elbow grease, check, goals, check, gold? Nothing. Captain, this ship is running out of food and water, and the men are getting anxious and hungry. We cannot sail forever, and there is another storm coming. The ship crashes against the waves, and the mind is feeling heavy. Sail back to the shore, alas, that shore shows no promise, and the resources near gone. Captain Ford, captain Shakespeare, how did you do it? Captain Leto, captain Lincoln, you sailed so far and wide. What did you gather at the shores to sail through the storms? How did you meet thy crew? How did you inspire thee? I realize then, it is not the answers to the questions, but the questions to the answers. We must sail on, or sink into the oceans of content.

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