My Testimonial

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Hello, my name is Tony, and I understand what it feels like to be alone and scared, to feel like your dreams have slipped through your fingers. I understand depression and having no energy or even an idea of how to change your life for the better, in finding romantic relationships or a job that you are passionate about that makes a comfortable income.  I understand the feelings that stop you from living your life, whether it be fear, low self-esteem, or just feeling you are stuck. The reason I understand these feeling so well, is because that person was me.


This is a video I made, my music with a poem about how devastating my mind frame used to be…

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And then one day, I had enough, and decided to make a stand, and I found the internal path to living the life that I thought was impossible just a couple years ago. I am now here to help you, and together we will create the life you always wanted and desired.

My system is different than other life coaches, or dating coaches because our business relationship does not end until you get the results you want. We both strive for the same thing, to help you, but many people focus on fast results without building real cultivating and teachable tools. I have met many people who have spent thousands of dollars to meet a coach for a weekend, only to go back to their old habits after the session is done, and they only teach you what works for them, not you. I acknowledge we are not the same person, so I will show you the tools through the best way you learn and change.

Not only will I help you with your current life situation, I will teach you the ingredients for truly living, I will teach you how to turn off the negativity and fear in your mind, so instead of your thoughts working against you, they work for you. I will teach you how to access motivation, and peace, so you are always going to be at your best.

I have years of experience in helping people, and the greatest joy I have out of life, is knowing that I can give you the life you want.