My Mission, Our Mission


“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

― Seneca


We all know life can suck at times, and we need someone. We may not need advice, we may just need a listening ear, the presence of someone who cares. Or maybe we just need to sit in with a group, anonymously, listening to how other people have gotten through pain, through tragedy. If I know others have gone through what I am going through, it gives me strength. We are social creatures, yet, we make getting help difficult.

This is what I want, a website that gives people help, instantly, with no red tape. Where you can get on, and message, or talk, or if you wish to Skype you can with qualified people instantly. To join a support group with just a click of your mouse, so you can be seen, and heard, and loved. There is no discrimination, doesn’t matter if you are 1 or 120 years old, because we all feel pain, we are all human.

Doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, doesn’t matter if you are contemplating suicide, or if you just are in a funk about your job, I want you to speak out.

There will never be talk about what insurance you have, or available times to speak to someone, this is going to be instantaneous, 24/7, it is going to be what help should be. No more will people be falling through the cracks of society, hurting themselves and others, or disappearing. There is an old saying, that when someone is extremely depressed, or mentally ill, they have three options, jail, homelessness or death. I am here to say no more, those are no longer options, the new saying is going to be “I’m going to get the help I need, because I now have the resources I need.”

I want us to be what we naturally are, social animals, helping each other. We can all heal from this site, and we can all help each other heal as well.

I am recruiting you, I am recruiting your mind and soul to help me, to help others and to help yourself. I know we can make this work. This is not my website, this is our website, I cannot do this without your help.

Thank you, your eternal friend, Tony Benedict

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