The real magic

It really is not difficult to find the love of your life, their really is only one thing people need, a magic bullet of the sorts. I have seen lots of dating coaches in action, I have seen techniques that make sense, and some that are so off the wall that I would bust out in laughter because of the craziness of it. Some will tell you to dress professionally, others tell you to peacock, (that is where you dress in clothes that make you stand out, like wearing a 5 ft. top hat on your head.) Some will tell you to go up to someone, and say what you are really thinking, even if it is sexually charged, (which I would not recommend) because it shows alpha status. Some will tell you to actually insult the person a little, because we all know how much we loved to be insulted! You can buy a hundred books on the craft of pickup, and they will all tell you something different about the equations of love. But, I have found one thing they all have in common, and the reason why if you choose anyone of those books, and work at it, it will eventually work for you…..

I have a friend, he has already spent thousands of dollars on personal dating coaches, and alas, he still cannot get a phone number when he goes out into the wild. So what gives? How can this be? Well, the reason is, he does not go out and practice, most nights he will go home, find excuses not to go out, and then fall back into the usually rut of his old habits. And when he does finally go out, he will go to a college bar (he is 37) and try to pick up younger women (which if that is what you like, more power to you.) But, of course, they look at him as the creepy old man in the bar (which he is.) So then he would get depressed, save his pennies, and hire another dating coach for a cool couple thousand dollars. Sometimes he will hire the exact same dating coach as he did before. I told him the same thing, that I am soon going to tell you, their really is only one thing you need, and that is courage.

For example, there are a billion different diets out there, I can think of one right off the top of my head and I will lose weight, hmm, the grape nuts diet. I only eat one bowl of grape nuts a day, and I will lose weight! Will I feel good, absolutely not, will I have diarrhea, you better believe it, but I will lose weight! The only solution is, is that I have to stick with it, and the same goes with finding true love, or a soul mate, or what the younger generation likes to call “booty calls.” If you go out, day after day, night after night, and keep practicing, eventually you will be become good. It just takes courage, you can use just one of a billion techniques, and it really doesn’t matter which one you use,

because you subconscious mind will make you better.

So that is the magic bullet, turning off the tv, getting off the internet, and going out there.

My name is Anthony Benedict, and I am a life coach, I specialize in making you the best you can be, have a great day.


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