John Lennon and He-Man





“I am a violent man who has learned not to be violent and regrets his violence.”
― John Lennon

There is a reason why we avoid negative people, because when they vibrate negativity, their negativity enters us. We are so interconnected in fact, that people do not have to even say anything to you, for you to feel that they are in a bad mood, or something is wrong. Energy comes off of us like heat rising from red coals. Everyone affects everyone, we are all interconnected, my choices affect you, and your choices affect me. If I go around all day, with negative thoughts, my thoughts will turn into emotion, and that emotion pollutes the world. In fact, it has been studied that if one person is carrying negative emotion, it could wake up latent negativity in others.

What about entertainment? It saddens me that our mainstream media, both in news, television shows, and movies, glorifies violence. Again, we are not interdependent, when I watch a show that is violent, it is going to leave an impression on my mind, my mind will start accepting that violence is the answer to solutions. If someone hurts me, I will want to hurt them back, with violence. The problem with this philosophy, is that violence begets violence. If I yell at someone for not putting away the cereal, or for cutting me off in traffic, it will feel good in the moment, but then I have lit the fire of anger inside the other person and they will pass the torch off to someone else.

I was watching He-Man the other day, and I realized this dude solves all his problems with violence, he beats the crap out of skeleton in almost every episode. Well, because Skeletor was beat up, he goes back to his lair at Snake Mountain and is pissed, so he thinks up genius ways to destroy He-Man. What is so disturbing about this, is that this is a kid’s show, and it shows, in black and white, who is the good guy and who is the bad guy, and that the solution is always violence.
He-Man is not much different than anything in the adult world, instead of He-Man vs. Skeletor, you have Christians vs. Muslims, you have Democrats vs. Republicans, you have Americans vs. the Russians, and on and on it goes. On the news you have stories that are peppered with violence, because if it bleeds it leads. This all leaves a very big impression on us, in fact such a big impression, that we are one of the most violent countries in the industrialized world. The sad thing is, we are not a violent species, if I am outside walking, I smile at people and they smile back. We have the potential to be wonderful. It is just we are being conditioned to be violent.

I wish instead of showing He-Man beating up Skeletor, he tried to understand why Skeletor was so angry in the first place, and really listened to him. Together, instead of having power over Eternia, they could have a peaceful rule. This of course, would not make for entertaining television, it goes against the rules of entertainment, which is having the proper antagonist.

And this goes for everything, our automatic thought for when someone hurts us is to hurt them back, and have vengeance. We do not think, why is this person so violent? Or try to de-escalate the situation, and show the person love. On the macro level, this is how wars are created, every war was created with the seed of hate, of one person wanting power over another, for one reason or another. The result is always the same, people dying for an unjust cause.

These are just some of my thoughts of the day, please respond, tell me what you think.

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