Into the flames of madness


“A pessimist is a man who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it.”

― George Bernard Shaw

I have been down that dark road, feeling everyone was as nasty as me. I was sending off the vibration deep within my chakra, sending it through the air and polluting the world with my negativity. The world will frown with you if you let it. It is full of negativity, and eventually that vibration will destroy you. I can see the people who are negative with my naked eyes, because they wear it on their face. They say it in their speech. It is not hard to spot negativity. Often, you can feel it’s presence, before you can even see it. Negativity attracts negativity, bad thoughts attract bad thoughts, and anger attracts anger. A negative idea, from one person, can blossom into a full blown war between two nations, if it is not stopped. Like a wild fire with a strong wind behind it, and we are the forest to be consumed in the flames of madness.

The good news, is that positive vibrations work the same way. Peace creates peace, and love begets love. The first smile might be difficult, but then the second smile comes a lot easier, and before you known it, you can’t stop smiling. You may be consumed in the flames of negativity, but your goodness, can be the fresh water that cools the fire, and eventually brings the evergreens back. Every war has an end, every negative has a positive, and you can turn your pessimism to optimism. Everything bad has a good. It is the balance of life. You cannot have the bad without the good.

Someone once told me that no matter how bad it gets, it can always get worse. I like to think, it can always get better. Negativity is a life force, just like us. And no matter what happens in this life, one day, the negativity will stop, one way or another. It has to, nothing lives forever.

Everything dies, but in it’s place something else is born. So, kill your negativity, and give birth to hope. It is easier then you think. Just observing the fact that you are negative, giving it awareness, is the first step in stopping it. The second step is feeling it fully in your body, being with it, because that will sap it of its energy. It will flicker out, quickly, and something good will take its place.

Without understanding it is so strong in you, the negativity, which should only last 90 seconds, can be with you for the entirety of your life. Drawing energy from your body, and digging it’s roots deep inside.

Look at it, and give it the love it deserves.

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