Instant happiness


Four simple things to instantly make you happy….

  1. Take long deep breaths. In through the nose, hold for five seconds, slowly out the mouth. This little action will cause oxygen to go to your brain, increased oxygen to the brain will calm you down.

2. Stretch your muscles the same time you breathe, doesn’t really matter what group of muscles you choose. whether it be your arms, legs or abdomen. The point of this little action is to release acid from your body. Our muscles naturally get tense under stress, and stretching them will relax them, and thus you as well.

3. Sing a song when you are done breathing. The point of this is that the part of the mind that is deals with stress, will be put down and moved to the part of the mind that deals with singing. You really can’t be stressed and sing at the same time. It will make you feel wonderful.

4. Start dancing. And I don’t care if you are alone, or in public. Dancing is phenomenal when it comes to reducing stress. It does not matter what people think anyway, and chances are, they will actually respect you for it. Dancing is a natural expression of our bodies. Let your body loose, let it move, it will move the way it needs to move to release the negative energy.

5. If you have music, put it on. You can dance and sing without music of course, but if you have it, why not use it. Plus music changes our stressed brain waves, into more productive brain waves.

I know today’s post was simple and sweet, just the way I like it.

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