How to stop worrying, for good

sad eyes - How to stop worrying, for good

I have been at the hands of worry, anxiety, and negative thoughts for years.  I used to let them run my life, take away the moment.  I could feel this “slush” of toxic emotion coursing through my body, like a slow acid, burning away my nervous system.  I let this happen because I was under a false belief, I believed that worrying somehow helped solve my problems.  Worrying, itself, is a wasted emotion, it has never solved anything, and it never will.  Worrying is not action, anxiety is not action, it is just negative emotions that can cause terrible health consequences later in life.

I am not saying not to take action when things happen.  It is ok to listen to your body, and your thoughts if something is not right.  My point is though, is once you have identified what is not right, take action, and then let the negative feelings go.  So here is the solution.  It is simple, and it may take some time to work.  But just like anything in life, practice makes perfect.   Let yourself think about what is worrying you, at a timed interval.  So if I choose to worry about something, I will tell myself, “OK, tonight, at five p.m. I will let myself worry about this particular situation for 15 minutes.”  I will set a timer, and let myself think about the situation.  During that time, I will journal and come up with an action plan for change.  Once the timer goes off, and I have my action plan, it is time to stop worrying.

This is one of many tools I use to help myself.  It has been proven to be very effective for me, and I am sure it will be for you as well.  I understand though, how insidious anxiety can be, even with hundreds of tools at your disposal, anxiety can and probably will rear its nasty head.  Worrying and anxiety is like it’s own entity, that is ready to fight back doubly hard, if it feels it’s existence is threatened.

Everyone needs some extra help, someone to listen to them, to help them achieve their goals and feel better.  I have been a life coach, and personal trainer for years and  am currently getting my masters/PhD in counseling and therapy.  Please feel free to call me if you would like to talk about the possibility of having a life coach.  Just dial 517-898-7574

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