How to reprogram your mind

mind - How to reprogram your mind

The mind reminds me of an extremely powerful, complicated machine, without an instruction manual.  There are so many things I am learning about the brain, and I am just starting to understand how to control it.


For years, I had thoughts that would run through my mind, wild. Sometimes mundane thoughts, of what I need to buy at the grocery store, to terrible thoughts, about how my life “sucks.”  All in all, in the past, I did not enjoy the incredible instrument that was between my ears.  I would marvel at its capacity to do so many things, a modern phenomenon of evolution, and at the same time, tell myself, sometimes I wish I was just a squirrel, because then that way I wouldn’t know so much.  Higher intelligence can be a pain.  For example, I believe we are the only animal that knows one day we are going to get old, and die.  Our intelligence developed everything from nuclear weapons, to aerosol cans.  At the same time, we created music and a way of eating without having to hunt every time we got hungry.  We learned how to manipulate our own species through propaganda, and rhetoric.  I sometimes feel like people are all just trying to get one up over the other, like a bad game of chess.


Our mind is designed to be programmed.  It has to, for survival.  When we grow up, we observe those around us, and we take on their habits (program).  It is much like a duckling observing its mother, so it can learn how to be successful in the nature.  The problem is, if you do not consciously guard what goes into your mind, things will be encoded without your consent.


It is the reason why I let depression control the better part of my life.  Somewhere along the line, I let depression and anxiety become automatic.  It felt like a dark hypnotic spell.  I believed at the time, I did not have a choice in the matter.  How could I?  I fought so hard to get rid of the depression, and yet nothing seemed to change.


It was not until much later; did I learn how to properly change my mental software design.


I learned to guard things that entered my mind.  I stopped watching the news, because in our Country, the news advocates fear.  I stopped watching shows and movies that sponsored violence.  I stopped listening to radio shows that were heavily opinionated, and talked negatively about others.  I stopped gossiping and started avoiding adverse people.  I started listening to motivational speakers.  I decided to become my own best friend, and love myself.  I decided to hope that everyone have a happy life, and find satisfaction.


It takes time to change the programming of your mind.  But you can do it.  We are what we consume, it really is that simple.  Just flick the switch, start seeing the good in life, in yourself, in others, instead of the bad.  You begin doing that, you open up the spiritual channels within you, you open the roads of possibilities and miracles.


You become the vision that you always needed.


I hope you have a wonderful day, write back and tell me your thoughts!

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