How society hypnotizes you



The three different ways society hypnotizes you, by hijacking your subconscious mind. 

I have studied hypnosis for awhile, so I could do self hypnosis on myself. The techniques in hypnosis are amazing, it can make you feel incredible, and help reprogram your subconscious mind.

Almost all the decisions you make, are automatic. They do not require much conscious thought. The mind purposely does this because if we had to think about every single thing, our mind would overheat, and we would all go nuts from all the stimulus in our environment. Of course, just like anything, with the good comes the bad. In our minds effort to make things automatic, it is easy for it to put large amounts of data into little boxes, hence it is where stereotypes, judgements and bad habits come in. And once a box is made, it can be hard to unmake.

The advertising industry knows all of this. And the advertising industry is everywhere, not just the obvious ones you see on tv, magazines, and billboards. They are designed not to talk to communicate with your conscious mind, but your subconscious mind, so that when you come across what they want to sell, it is automatic without any thought.

You can take back your mind though, it’s all about becoming educated on what they are doing. So with no further ado, here is what they are doing….

Repetition. If you say something enough, over and over again, people will begin to believe it. So that is why adds will present you with the same message over and over and over and over again.
2. The pairing of stimulus. This simply means that they take a product, let’s say jeans, and then they pair it with beautiful people wearing the jeans all having a wonderful time. The subconscious mind will group all those things together, so when you come across those jeans you are going to automatically think of beautiful people and happiness. Drug companies are notorious for this, if you look at their commercials, the product is always paired with smiling families oozing ridiculous amounts of weird happiness.

3. Timing and mindframe. There are times when we are very aware and conscious, and then there are times we are relaxed and not very aware. If you were to be hooked up to an EEG, you would see different brain waves, at different times. I won’t go to deeply into this, but let’s just say the more emotional you are, to the more relaxed you are, the more your brain will accept suggestions. This is unfortunate in many ways, because the media will purposely put you in a state of fear, especially through the news, and then they will cut to commercial. With your heightened sense of fear or anger, from what you saw, your conscious guard is down, and commercials will then sink directly into your subconscious mind. It is a sneaky little trick, which is causing a lot of unnecessary fear in this country. Relaxation is the other median they use, that is why adds are so effective with television, because when we watch we go into a vegetative state, a trance state. When we go into a trance state, we are extremely suggestible. Try it out for yourself sometime, the next time you want your hubby to do the dishes, tell them to do it in your most relaxed voice, right after you give them a gentle shoulder rub. I promise you, they will be doing the dishes for the rest of the year because you put them into a state of relaxation.

Society uses a bunch of other methods to sink into our subconscious and manipulate us. But, if you recognize just the three things I stated above, I guarantee it will break the hold they have on your hijacked subconscious mind.

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