“The fears we don’t face become our limits” –Robin Sharma


This is a post written by a guest writer who chooses to be anonymous, please enjoy!

Have you ever been afraid of anything?

We all have experienced fear at some point in our life. With legitimate threats, fear plays an important role in protecting us from potentially dangerous situations.

Sometimes though, we create our own fears out of anxiety about a situation, from a bad experience we had, or even the unknown. This type of fear can become very limiting as it takes control of you, consumes your mind, makes you believe your fear is truth, and begins to influence your decisions.

Why is this anxiety driven fear so bad?

Because fear distorts reality. Fear makes things seem worse than they really are. You begin to doubt your ability to cope, so instead you avoid. It’s easier to run from fears than take them on, to purposely place yourself eye to eye with your perceived demons. In reality though, by avoiding your fears, you actually feed them.

Think about what fears have consumed you, and then sit back and imagine what you could do without that fear. What opportunities would become limitless? What could take it’s place?… Travel?? Job?? Love?? An exciting new adventure??

It’s only impossible if you believe it is. To move past your fears you have to make the decision to grow, to overcome, to change your life. You have to start focusing on dreams, possibilities, and opportunities, instead of doubts, uncertainties, and anxieties.

So the next time something comes up that makes you feel anxious or fearful, make the effort to drift out of your comfort zone. Take charge of your life. Ignite the dream instead of fueling the fear. You’ll be so glad you did!!!


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