Fallen horse

Dreams sometimes die as quick as they are born.   Blows away like dust, goes away so quickly, the dream never even had a chance to make it to memory.

I had a dream, a dream of having a successful WordPress site, where people could share their hopes, their fears and where we could all be together helping each other out.  I was too sensitive though, to see it through.  But I’m back.  I am not going to let some of the few bring me down, those who hack into my personal space for nefarious reasons.  I have forgotten the cardinal rule, and that is you don’t ever quit.  There is not failure only results.

When I fell of the horse, I broke some bones, lost consciousness.  Woke up in the hospital, I have recently gotten the strength to walk again, and my bones have healed back stronger then before.

This is my first trial run on the horse again.  I am riding nice and easy.  I will though, be picking up speed again.  The inertia of life, feeling the high of the power.  The power of people rallying together for a single purpose.  Please join me on my quest, those who have a purpose to help.  And if  you are in pain, let us be in pain together, so we can heal together.

Talk to you soon.


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