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I don’t dwell on politics but…I listened intently to the election results in anticipation. I could not help but think the election was reminiscent of Obama’s first election. We, as a nation, sought change. We elected the candidate we thought would bring us that change. Granted Trump is more rude and crude than most public figures, but, actions speak louder than words. We are and always will be a country of different views on everything. That’s why we are amazing!! We are allowed and encouraged to have those differences. Why should our president be an exception to that ideology? We asked for change, I think change is a gonna happen. Positive or negative is yet to be seen. The world is watching and waiting for our next move now. Donald Trump is going to take office, the sun will rise tomorrow and we will still all stand up with pride for our America. We need to buckle in and hang on to whatever ride he is going to take us on as a country. Just as we did 8 years ago. We still have the power to show the world that we are not divided, we will not let a change in our leadership weaken our America. Weaken our want for every country to have the same privilege we have, for every voice to be able to speak freely and be objective. We will endure, we will move forward. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave.


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