“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma GandhiIt

is amazing to me how fast life can change. I think of life like looking at a clock, you don’t see the hour hand move, if you just stare at it, but go away for a little bit and come back, and you notice the change. When I live my life day to day, it does’t seem like there is a lot of change, but when I step back and look, just looking back a year, I can see a tremendous difference. I have had friends who were alive a year ago, and now are dead, I live in a new place in a new town. I have started a masters program, I am working on a website, and a new job. Everything in my life is different.

I sometimes wished things would slow down a bit, just so I could process everything that has happened. Unfortunately, that is impossible. It frustrates me that change is going to happen, no matter what, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes devastating. And when I think about it, it is the process of the evolving universe.

Our planet at one time was a giant ball of fire, and at another a giant ball of ice. It has gone through four mass extinctions, and it will again. Even our sun, has gone through massive changes, in fact it is on the last part of it’s cycle, before it explodes then implodes, it may even turn into a black hole. Even our own bodies go through massive changes, in fact every four years we are a completely new person, with all different cells. So, in retrospect, we are constantly always dying, and always being reborn.

But change has to happen. It has to, there is no choice. Things have got to move. What would happen if the earth stopped rotating? What would happen if our cells stopped dying and reproducing?

So, I can look at all this change as either good news or bad news. It is all perspective. If we cannot stop change, then why fight it? I choose to go with it, and accept it, and change the things I can and the rest just let go. For example, I cannot change the way people think, but I can decide to change the way I do. I cannot change the body I am in, but I can decide to change what I eat to feel healthy. Trying to change other people, it is futile, they have got to want to change. It is amazing to me how often I see people trying to change others, and the anger they have when it does not happen. I am guilty of that as well.


The really good news is, is that if things change so rapidly, and your life is unsatisfactory, just wait, things will get better again.  They have too, nothing ever stays the same.  And it really is amazing what can happen if you decide to try to make the inevitable change for the better.

So, if we are going to be changing, let us change together. I want to hear your opinions on this subject so I can learn from you.

Have a wonderful day


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