Why work with me?

Because I am a certified life coach with specialities in motivation, persuasion, personal training, NLP and hypnosis!

I am so dedicated to the craft of coaching, that I am presently enrolled at Siena Heights University so I may receive my masters in counseling.  I am always finding new perspectives to better myself and my clients.

I have always been able to see how other people learn, and then tailor my approach for that individual. A lot of coaches will only teach you one way, I teach you the way that you learn best.  I start out by truly listening to you, and then together, we create the life you always wanted.

I am inspired when I see dreams come true, and I want too be part of that.  If you have any questions about what I can do for you, please visit my contact page.   We won’t stop till we rise to the top.



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