“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right”
-Henry Ford

Belief is everything, it is more important then actual facts, because the mind will follow your beliefs, it is the reason why placebo effects are so powerful.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so wildly successful? Ever wondered how some people just seem to have everything they want out of life? It has got to be frustrating seeing that from people, especially when you feel like you have been like a hamster spinning in the same wheel for years, and frankly, you are getting tired. Some people seem to marry the right person right off the bat, get their dream job after the first try, and everything they touch just turns to gold. How is that possible? Are these people just smarter then us? Of course they are not, do they have more resources then us? That could be part of it, but it doesn’t explain everything, and then one day it just sort of hit me, it is their belief system, they are successful because they truly believe they are successful. Their mind just followed their belief, and boom, it happened.

So does that mean some of us have a default subconscious programming that creates fortune or failure? I believe their is a lot of truth to that, but just knowing that does little to solve the problem. It is like someone knowing they are extremely poor, just knowing is not going to to do anything unless they now how to start generating wealth.

So how do you change your beliefs? Beliefs are something that have been instilled inside in us when we were very young, and conditioned our entire lives. Changing a belief though is possible. I used to not believe in myself at all, it was like some sort of default mechanism in my mind, and the worst belief I had was that their was nothing I could do about it. No matter how consciously I tried to change myself, how much willpower I threw at the problem, I would always go back to my original negative programming. It was a very awful existence.

I remember envying those who had a deep faith, who truly believed they were going to go to heaven when they die, and spend the rest of their after life with their grandma and gramps. I envied those who believed their life had a divine plan, like god wrote it out eons ago. what an amazing thing to believe! And then I remembered something from physics, something profound, our minds can actually create reality, so if someone truly believes in something, then on some level it exists. So what I am saying is that belief truly is divine.

I then also recalled, not everything has to be hard either, to change your beliefs may not take years of pain staking psychotherapy, or meditating half your life on a mountain. It actually can just be a simple decision, of deciding to be happy today. Happiness and success can be as simple as that, just a choice, just telling your nervous system how life is going to be for now on. What defeated me in the beginning, was that I felt I had no control over my depression or anger, that it was predestined and that was that. But understanding that I did have a choice, that everything is a choice, and that choice had tremendous power, changed my perspective enough to make me successful. It was letting go of that conscious strain, of that willpower that made the decision to be happy so easy, all I had to do was say it in my mind, “I choose to be happy today,” and then you start using your mind, instead of your mind using you. I simply let go of the bad, and harnessed the good.

If you believe in god, you are right. If you do not believe in god, you are right. If the world is against you, you are correct, if the world loves you, you are correct as well. What we believe we see, what we say to ourselves is true…….So be careful what you say.